Heredity, Culture, And Environment

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Have you ever thought about different cultures and heredities? In my report, I 'm going to talk about how heredity, culture, and environment can all influence patient behavior in the medical office. Let 's first talk about the first one heredity that are the traits that we inherit from our parents and grandparents. We get them from our parents of course. It will have an impact on what they do and don 't believe that work for them in terms of a medical solution. Each person is passed down from generation to generation, and each has different heredities. What their traits are can change people on how they are raised and how they act in the medical office. Each patient, doctors, nurses, etc. have their heredity and may act differently while in the medical office. Heredity is passed down from traits.
Let 's now talk about culture. People have different beliefs. What you believe in and what is right can influence while working in the medical office. All cultures have health beliefs, and cultural issues can play a major role. Certain cultures have different ways of how they would do a certain procedure or handle in the medical office. The different cultures have an impact in the medical office by the patient 's language, cuisine, habits, music, and arts. Some patients have different cultures based on how they grew up. Many subcultures exist within dominant cultures. Some cultural have different ways of healing, instead just letting "GOD" do the work. Also, some cultures might not…
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