Heritage And Diversity In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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“Everyday Use” tells a story about a single mother who puts her all into raising her two daughters “Dee (Wangero)’” and “Maggie”. Alice Walker; the author, explains how heritage and diversity in culture cannot be changed. This short story describes the significance of: family, traditions, and the unity being passed on no matter how you’ve been brought up. Maggie and Dee both have personalities that contradict each other. Maggie is more timid and soft-spoken, meanwhile Dee (Wangero) is more courageous and fearless.The narrator in the story is mama, mama is a very plain and quiet women. Mama does express her opinion throughout the story but only in times where her daughters depend on her.
If mama’s outlook on life were to be portrayed in a quote
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Mama knows that the new house isn't perfect nor will it ever be compared to the old one. According to mama, a brief statement made about the new house was, "It is not just a yard. It is like an extended living room." [77] meaning that the house isn't as big or in as good conditions as the other one was. In addition to this barrier mama didn't only have one barrier, she also had another barrier that includes her relationship with her daughter Dee (Wangero). Dee’s (Wangero) personality has always overridden mama’s, which is why mama says she wishes her and Dee (Wangero) had a relationship like the ones mothers and daughters have on TV, which would be described as profound and sincere. At times Dee (Wangero) makes Mama put herself down for not being able to achieve and accomplish half the things Dee (Wangero) would have wanted from a mother. That is one of the many reasons why Mama aspires to conceive a relationship with Dee (Wangero) over time; she fantasises on the different forms of love Dee (Wangero) would express to her someday. Another barrier to add on to both of these barriers is that Mama is also having trouble facing the fact that Dee (Wangero) is growing up. When Dee (Wangero) comes home Mama is so delighted with her presence. But Dee (Wangero) comes home with so many new changes. For example, her name. Mama has always referred to her as “Dee” but when “Dee” came home she surprised Mama (in a…show more content…
She never hesitated to look anyone directly in the eye, hesitation was no part of her nature. Dee (Wangero) has always expressed herself in a very lavish way. She always wanted the best things to wear and have, she enjoyed nice things. The barrier she was facing was more of an obstacle. Dee (Wangero) wanted to have the quilts that her grandmother made along with Mama, but Maggie has already claimed them way before Dee (Wangero) got home from Augusta. Dee (Wangero) claims that Maggie will never appreciate these quilts which is why she should have them. At the end of the day Mama stood up for Maggie which led to Maggie to keeping the
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