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Heritage Assessment Tracie Bigelow Grand Canyon University: 429V Melinda Darling September 29, 2013 Heritage Assessment Culture is defined as the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society group place of time (Culture, 2013). The heritage assessment tool is a great method used to assess health maintenance, protection, and restoration of each individual’s cultural beliefs. The heritage assessment tool is often used by healthcare providers to help determine different cultural beliefs that may or may not impact an individuals care. The heritage assessment tool has been used to compare three different cultured families, health traditions, addressing health maintenance, health protection, and health restoration.…show more content…
The third interview conducted was with a Chinese family (The Wang’s). The Wang family consists of the parents and 2 children that all play an active role in Buddhism. The Wang’s were all born in Chengdu, China and migrated to the United States 5 years ago. The Wang’s primary language is Mandarin. The father and two children also speak English. The Wang family doesn’t communicate much with their extended family. All extended family still reside in Chengdu, China. The Wang family is very private when dealing with or talking about their health. They express no current health concerns. The Wang family maintains good health through eating healthy; they eat large amounts of vegetables rice and fish. The Wang family uses health protection by positive thinking, and meditation. The Wang’s also state that they see a physician on a regular basis for check ups. As far as interviewing The Wang’s it was difficult to obtain specific information on their past or current health beliefs. The Wang’s appeared to be a private family (Wang, 2013). Comparing the three interviews, it is apparent that all three cultures could require a different healthcare approach. It is interesting to see the family dynamics, and pasts all play a role in their healthcare decision-making and thoughts. Being aware that each family dynamic is unique it is important to avoid stereotypes, and get

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