Heritage Assessment

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Every culture is different and perceives the world differently. Cultures are inherited and a learned behavior. Everyone has a cultural heritage. This heritage assessment tool is helpful in understanding the different practices, distinctness and traditions of each individual. I am from the United States and the United States is home for diverse culture. My native language is English which I use in my everyday life. I’ve had some classes in Spanish and I know a few words but I’m not fluent in it. My parents are from the United States as well as the same city. My grandparents on my maternal side are from the United States as well, I’m not sure about my fraternal side because I don’t know much about their upcoming because my dad died…show more content…
This helps them to live with less stress and worry which improves health. They feel obligated to help family members so whatever it takes for their family to be happy and stable they will do. For example, they will help their family find employment or finance a house or other large purchase. They are extremely traditionally with the father as the head, decision maker and authority and mothers are considered secondary to the husband. Hispanics respect authority and look to those above them for guidance and decision making. They delay getting health checkup and may show up late or not at all. They practice the Catholic religion and birth control. Mexican tends to prepare Mexican food and traditional recipes are passed through generations. Overall, Mexicans typically place great importance on family values, religion, hierarchical society and strong masculinity. They are very sociable and friendly culture with a remarkable zest of life. The Asian person explained to me that she was born in the United States and her mother migrated to the United stated and her from Vietnam and her father was born and raised in Louisiana. Her mother is Asian and her father is African American. The maternal grandparents were born in Vietnamese and fraternal in the United States. She has 1 brother and they both grew up in an urban area in the United States where both parents currently live. She stated that being that her parents were from different cultures; they

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