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The heritage Assessment Tool is a questioner design to assist individual to determine his

or her ethnic, religious and cultural background in relationship with health, illness and diseases.

Heritage and culture are different just like individual fingerprint. When looking at someone’s

heritage and tradition, it consists of methods used to maintain health, protect health, and restore

health. These concepts deal with person’s physical, mental and spiritual belief. Every individual

has their own heritage, and this is very different among different cultures. ( Spector 2009).

Heritage assessment tool in combination with questions relating to health and illness belief and

practices was helpful in helping individuals
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illness or crisis, Middle Easterners rely heavily on persons in their family instead of trying to

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cope individually. A person seeking medical care may be accompanied by one or more persons

who they expect to be present during the examination or interview, who will listen carefully and

often answer for the patient. Usually the oldest person will feel offended if not invited into the

physician’s office. People close to the patient consider themselves duty bound to be there.

Family and friends are expected never to leave a patient alone and to constantly shower care and

attention. Even though this does not apply to every family, it is usually appropriate to speak to a

family spokesman. The oldest and the most educated is usually the one with the most authority to

speak and answer questions for the patient. Bad news is often not given to the patient directly. It

was also gathered that people from Middle East may tend to resist disclosing personal

information to strangers, including healthcare professionals. Data for health history may not be

willingly given and request for information may be viewed with some suspicion until it clear

why the questions are being asked but once the trust is established, personal information is given

more freely.
Middle Easterners generally have respect for western medicine but they may

believe in some superstitious cause of

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