Heritage Assessment Essay

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Family Health Assessment

For this health assessment assignment the system theory was used on a family member from the African American decent as a way of assessing the family as a whole and not an individual. The “Systems theory explains patterns of living among the individuals who make up family systems”( Edelman, 2010, p. 173). The family member was interviewed and open ended family questions that focused on the eleven functional health patterns were asked. The eleven functional health patterns are values, health perception, nutrition, sleep/rest, elimination, activity/exercise, cognitive/perception, self perception, role relationship, sexuality and coping. By asking questions about these eleven health patterns the interviewer
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They were not concerned about how their eating habits, or lack of physical activity and genetic background that were factors in causing their health complications. Due to their poor balanced diet and lack of exercise the majority of the family members have a bowel movement once to twice a week. The majority of the members in this family work sixty plus hours a week, they are exhausted when they return home and able to sleep eight to ten hours a night and feel rested when they wake up. The individuals that were interviewed were able to follow simple directions and recall information that was asked at the beginning of the interview. The family members senses appeared to be intact, with one common characteristic of them all wearing glasses. An visual assessment was made of each family member and questions about sexuality and familial roles was asked of the father. When asked questions about the father sexuality the father stated that he had four lovely daughter and was a widower after thirty-seven years of marriage and did not think it was appropriate to speak about his sexuality or sexual relationships. The gentleman of the house, relationship role had recently changed from being a provider to now being a caretaker, homemaker and the sole provider, after the passing of his wife. He mentioned that he doesn’t mind the role change because he would do anything for his family. The widower stated that since the passing of his wife he

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