Heritage Assessment

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Assessing Family Health Patterns: Evaluating the Usefulness of a Heritage Assessment Tool
Sarah Potter
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V-0191
October 5, 2014

Assessing Family Health Patterns: Evaluating the Usefulness of a Heritage Assessment Tool In the United States today cultural diversity is growing more prevalent every day. The report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM: Unequal treatment, 2002) presented information that racial and ethnic minorities of all ages receive lower quality health care compared to their non-minority counterparts. Every effort should be made to stop the disparities surrounding cultural differences while attempting to understand the cultural health behaviors, increase cultural
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Similar to both other cultures though, the American family also consumes herbal supplements, vitamins, to maintain healthy body functions.
Health Protection
According to Langford (2013) health protection is a behavior motivated by a desire to actively avoid illness, detect it early or maintain functioning within the constraints if illness. In the Hispanic family interviewed the Mal de Ojo, or the “Evil Eye”, was a concept described by the mother of the family who has a 6 week old infant. The family believes that if a person with green or blue eyes looks at the baby with admiration or jealousy it will cause illness and disease upon the child and the mother. This is avoided by touching the infant when admiring or complimenting it. The health protection in the American family interviewed also had the mother and child in common. For the American family it was viewed that a relationship based in open communication between the mother and her teen son, was a way to reduce high risk adolescent teen behaviors. According to Langford (2013) having a healthy and open communication pattern is particularly successful health protection used by families. Open communication, especially with mothers, is an important family strength responsible for reducing high-risk sexual and drug use behaviors among adolescents (Langford, 2013). Both the American and Hispanic families use diet to protect their health by consuming herbs and vitamin supplements. Like the
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