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Heritage Assessment: Applying The Heritage Assessment Jake Freeman GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY: NRS - 429V 10/31/2011 Applying the heritage assessment can be useful with integration into the health care system. First impressions go along with the proper approach. If you look at it this way first impressions are important in every culture. With the plethora of cultures out there and each family shaped by these values and beliefs a good approach is always an informed one. With a little common courtesy, topped off with some minimal knowledge of ones heritage you can get started on a good foot with your patient. So many cultures are part of the United States culture that being informed is our responsibility as…show more content…
India does have major health care hurdles. The biggest issues that affect healthcare in India stem from poverty and sanitation. Multiple complications arise when 638 million people open defecate and 122 million have no access to toilets (Indian Child, 1995). India’s social economic gaps are profound and 85% of healthcare is private sector, which makes it unreachable by the majority of the public (Indian Child, 1995). With a rapidly emerging economy India is trying to catch up to it’s healthcare needs and may be attained with a healthy economy developing. India is assessing their needs and understanding the importance of investing into social fabric. India has some good advantages for tackling healthcare 1. Utilizing models from other nations. 2. Learning to avoid costly mistakes from other countries. 3. Has the financial power to do so. Family A’s current health maintenance, protection and restoration since wife’s pilgrimage at age nine has been greatly influenced by western medicine yet some aspects are still strong within her eastern influence. Such things as preparing Khichdi, this is a lentil and rice soup with cumin, and garmmasala. It is a common comfort food for Indian culture. Dal another comfort food which usually consists of turmeric, cumin, ginger, red chili and red lentils is also prepared by the family during cold season. Family A also goes to temple to learn the

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