Heritage Assessment : Preservation Assessment

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Heritage assessment
Heritage assessment helps patients a chance to express their beliefs, and customs very clearly to the health providers. It also would help to meet the patient’s needs and understand different cultures. Nurses will get a clear image of the patient’s background and that will improve the quality of care and patient outcome through the heritage assessment. When we were child, did not notice that families and friends have different cults. However once become adult realize that everybody has their own different cultures and it is the part of life. The heritage assessments encourage awareness of another’s health practices, beliefs, traditions, and helping to know their own heritage.
The heritage assessments are very important method in view to evaluate a person as entirely and aim at the characteristic of a person that may not be as apparent if not appropriately reviewed. Trying to evaluate and find out about one’s heritage is helpful in shaping one’s core thinking and knowing the importance of how their heritage and culture plays a part of what they believe and whom they are. Recognizing a person’s heritage can help in knowing their current cultural practices and it also gives the answer for why they may practice specific thinking. Our behavior, values and beliefs are greatly influences the culture in which we work or raised. First and most important step is to identify our own individual cultural heritage and that helps to understand our communication while
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