Heritage Assessment Tool For The Field Of Medicine And Health

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Heritage assessment tool in nursing is an essential component in the field of medicine and health. All individuals living in a community have their heritage which is different from culture. The traditional health assessment deal with people’s spiritual, mental and physical beliefs. People from different background have different beliefs on death, illness, health and diseases. In most community health is a complete balance between an individual’s mind, body, spirit. Heritage assessment will help the nurses and other healthcare providers to provide proper treatment plan, the patients understanding about the disease, their beliefs and practices and to be considered and respected when providing culturally competent care. Heritage assessment tool provides an excellent tool to evaluate the beliefs and lifestyle of an individual and thereby helping healthcare providers to understand a person in entirety. Traditional and cultural health methods are used in health maintenance, health protection and health restoration. Health maintenance can be preventing a disease and promote health. Health protection is a tool used to give an explanation of how individuals maintain their health on a daily routine. Health restoration is the act of restoring an individual’s health to its maximum level. This paper is about Three different families been assessed on various aspect of the cultural belief which includes authors own (Asian Indian), Hispanic and Asian Chinese. It is going to focus on the…
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