Heritage Assessment and Cultural Project

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Heritage Assessment and Cultural Project **********
Grand Canyon University: NRS- 429V (0101)
February 27, 2014

Heritage Assessment The Heritage Assessment Tool can be used as a tool to assess health maintenance, protection, and restoration of individual cultural. This assessment tool helps explore and try to meet the needs of different patient populations to provide quality care among cultures. The purpose of this essay is to explore the finding of the evaluation from using the Heritage assessment tool between American, (European decent, white), Asian, and Middle Eastern Indian Cultured families. .
The Evaluation tool The Heritage Assessment Tool (HAT) , is a check list used to help gain knowledge of
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“Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health,” (The WHO,2005). Health promotion is the process of enabling people to have control over and improve their health. It examines the importance of including ethnic and cultural factors to be incorporated in health. The goal of universal education cannot be achieved while the health needs of all remain unmet. Health protection explains how people maintain their health on a daily basis.
Common Health Traditions In American culture, that sick family member often deals with the illness on their own. They may not even mention it to other family members. In the Asian culture if a family member is ill, immediate family members take on the role of the person to help them heal. In the hospital, family members bring outside food that they believe will help restore the Yin and Yang balance of the ill family member (Wong, 2012). The Chinese culture believes that health maintenance requires maintained balance. For example, they believe that a person’s ‘hot' energy can be countered by cooling remedies, and vice versa. These values are deeply ingrained in Chinese culture In the Middle Eastern culture. While the Middle Eastern Indian believes after a mother gives birth, she should not drink or eat cold items. She should only have warm, to maintain balance. The cold is also believed to cause blood clots,

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