Heritage Assessments Are Used To Appraise The Patient’S

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Heritage assessments are used to appraise the patient’s entire well-being. Such an assessment is done with the goal of trying to understand any possible underlying features of an individual that could have the propensity to affect their health outcome. Using this tool to assess an individual is beneficial when trying to understand the implication of practices within differing cultures and how it affects their health outcome. When a practitioner is sensitive to such differences, he or she displays an understanding of the importance of detecting aspects that may block important correspondence that could in turn negatively affect the patient 's outcome (Wintz, 2009). It is important that an individual 's family and culture be taken into…show more content…
During this assignment, the spotlighted cultures are Japanese/ German-American, Mexican/German-American, and my cultural background which is African American. This paper is aimed to show the differences and similarities in these families’ health approaches. Although the approach sometimes differs, the common goal is to maintain a healthy family. The participating families are the Calvin’s the Diaz’s, and the Taylor’s. Although these families originate from very different backgrounds, they have many common customary practices. While all three families claim Christianity as their religious practice, they still have distinct Christian religions they follow.

In the Taylor family, the wife was born and raised in Japan. She then met and married an American soldier (with German lineage) and moved to the United States when she was nineteen. Mrs. Taylor accepted and now practices her husband 's Lutheran religion and participates in the accompanying religious traditions. The family attends church once a week and read the Bible at home. The Taylor 's eat a mix of American and Japanese cuisine and are very mindful of their diet. The entire household is involved in sports, they work out together at least four days per week and understand the importance of getting a healthy amount of sleep. On holidays like Christmas, Mrs. Taylor cooks wild rice with baked turkey with salad. However, the day before Christmas she follows a Japanese tradition of making a
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