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Consideration of Heritage Carolyn E. Armstrong Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V Family Centered Health Promotion October 5, 2014 Consideration of Heritage Many different cultural backgrounds have integrated into our society, as we know it today. Cultural diversity is growing by record numbers in the United States, and providing healthcare to this growing population becomes more complicated due to the diverse needs of individuals. As our population diversifies our healthcare delivery systems must evolve to be able to manage a new set of cultural, and ethical dilemmas. Identification of personal preferences and needs of our patients will aid in the positive outcomes and implementation of care. This is why it is important to not…show more content…
The “hot and cold concept of disease” is a theory that categorizes illness and determines treatment thus many Latinos rely on home remedies and folk healers for treatment of illness and ailments. An individual’s belief in folk remedies can be incorporated into professional care to optimize health and well-being. (Andrews, 2008) Black/African Americans have many contributors to their health and healthcare status such as social, economic, and environmental factors. This prevents them in obtaining the required healthcare they need before serious health concerns arise. Overall, poverty seems to be the most profound factor in healthcare status. (Edelman, Mandle, 2010) A shared culture between Black/African Americans is centered around family and religion. Family members are often seen for support and care before it is sought after elsewhere. They continue to seek family support and traditional home remedies when professional aid is unobtainable or nonexistent. The use of healers and religious leaders bring comfort and support in times of need as well to aid in recovery. Many cultures have drastically different backgrounds, however family support, religion and traditional home remedies play a large role in the basis of care for most. These cultural needs of individuals can be met with the aid of healthcare professionals. The integration of personal preferences and cultural
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