Heritage, a Theme in Alice Walker´s "Everyday Use

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Walker sets the tone of the story by displaying how poor and uneducated the family is and how Dee while growing up was always looking for better things never appreciating the aspects of her life. As the story develops, the focus of the story is on a set of quilts made by the mother from pieces of clothing that belonged to her grandparents and the personal battle of who should really keep them in order to appreciate the heritage behind them. In "Everyday Use" a person can see how Maggie and Dee differ on the fact that heritage is a characteristic of pride that a person displays every day of their life versus a fad for a specific period of someone's life.
While growing up Dee was always resentful of the lifestyle that she had as it did not measure to the better things she was always dreaming of. While the mother recounts the story of when their original house burned to the ground, she mentions how Dee stood there concentrating at the way the house slowly disappeared in the fire since "she hated the house that much" (Walker 298). This aspect sets the tone of how Dee was never willing to embody the characteristics of her life growing up, and it can be seen how she was ashamed of where she came from as later she writes her mother in a letter of how she will always try to visit them, but "she will never bring her…

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