Essay about Heritage and Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment
Grand Canyon University
NRS 429 V
August 15, 2012

Family Health Assessment “A family is a set of interacting individuals related by marriage, blood, and adoption or by cohabitation interdependently perform relevant functions to fulfill expected role” (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). Systems theory allows a nurse to view patient as a whole family unit, which the action of each member will influence one another. Family developmental theory is to assist the patients through every stage of life. Gordon’s functional health patterns are eleven principles incorporated with the nursing process to collect data, assess patients and families, and provide a diagnosis for
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As children this author and siblings took naps when the father took naps when out of school for the summer. The parental grandmother would make the father take naps as a child and he passed this upbringing on to his children. The stepmother sleeps well at night and wakes up with tons of energy in the morning. This author takes sleep aids due to sleep deprivation from working the night shift. The younger siblings sleep at night and attend class throughout the day no sleep issues were reported. Elimination As a result of eating fresh fruits, vegetables and consuming lots of water daily no one has bowel or bladder problems. Activity / Exercise Prior to the father having knee surgery he would play handball three sometime four time a week. He currently swims three times a week at the neighborhood YMCA and walks frequently with the dog. His wife is a Zumba dance instructor and holds classes five times a week. This author and siblings participated in tennis lessons, track, dance classes, and riding their bikes as children. This family gets together often for family gatherings and activities. Cognitive This family communicates well with each other; their primary language is English. The two youngest daughters are fluent in Spanish and English. Their biological mother is of Puerto Rican culture. The father graduated from St. Louis University with a Masters Degree in business
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