Herman Astleitner 's Principles Of Effective Instruction

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ffective Instruction While researching the topic of effective instruction, Herman Astleitner’s “Principles of Effective Instruction” was found. Astleitner’s principles go well with the belief system and practices of critical pedagogy because they are straightforward in addressing what every educator ought to know in order to deliver meaning, effective instruction, and the focus of your delivery of the that particular information to your students. The principles do the following:
Principles 1-4 deals with the general premise of instruction using best practices,
Principles 5-8 gives valuable information on heightening critical thinking skills, and higher order thinking skills, the teacher just works more as a facilitator – example SRAs and learning centers,
Principles 9-12 offers information on offering environment that help students to advocate for themselves more, and to create a community within your classroom,
Principle 13 dealt with choosing the best instructional materials to teach students no matter what their level of functioning (Astleiter,2005)

Incorporating critical thinking skills or “creative thinking” (Astleitner, 2005) skills can be used across curriculum, in an array of subject areas. For example, group activities based on ranking and procedures of pro and con list. A leader promotes students working as teachers, solo, paired up, or in small…
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