Herman Hertzberger : A Of A New Way Of Combining Work And Life Without Limits And Hierarchies

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Central Beheer, a stack of perfect cubes on the outside seems like it might be quite simple on the inside, but in fact Herman Hertzberger intercut spaces and created the complete opposite of a bland open plan office. How does this building perform socially? Well, the main idea Herman Hertzberger had behind creating Centraal Beheer was for that exact reason, so that it can perform socially. Hertzberger created a work place where anyone would want to work. “symbol of a new way of combining work and life without limits and hierarchies” Herman Hertzberger (1932) is a Dutch architect and theoretician. He studied both architecture and engineering at Delft University of Technology and was mentored by Aldo van Eyke. Hertzberger also taught at…show more content…
The entryways of the building come from four different sides and meet in the middle. The overall shape of the building creates different views and facades. The building was not created just on the looks of it; it is made up of a three dimensional, stimulating, tactile human thing. Herman Hertzberger created the inside of this building to be one social space. He created low ceiling for concentration around the work space but also created open spaces to seat between breaks or to take a breather. The building has four different entry ways that connect in the heart of the building making it the meeting place, it is also the space most open. Hertzberger made a format to arrange rooms to be social or antisocial. He creates these spaces so that people are looking at each other or away from each other. These spaces are made for up to four people creating social spaces between coworkers. The spaces are made to choose between open meeting places and hidden secluded spaces.Hertzberger created the open spaces to make it feel like you are outside, in these open spaces the building has natural light coming from above and has greenery throughout. There are also rooftop spaces created to take breaks and catch some fresh air. The rooftop spaces are larger so more people can gather in these spaces rather than chatting through the hallways. The main focus Hertzberger had was to make it feel cozy and homelike as much as possible.
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