Herman, The, New Hampshire

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Herman Webster Mudgett was born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire in May 1861 to Levi and Theodate Mudgett. Levi was a farmer and a devout Methodist, lessons he would aggressively try to instill in young Herman. Herman immediately exceled in school and this caused him to be bullied. The bullying would inevitably lead him to his obsession with death and his inclination towards the macabre. One day bullies forced him into a doctor’s office and made him stare at the skeleton figure he had face to face, while he was looking someone made the skeletal hands touch Herman’s face. Herman recalled being frightened at first but then later found the experience fascinating, this experience cured him of any fears he may develop and allowed him to pursue a new hobby of dissecting animals. In 1878 Herman married and had a son with a women named Clara in Loudan, New Hampshire. Herman was not a man with any obligation towards family or fatherhood and he eventually abandoned them both to pursue his darker desires. In 1882 Herman enrolled in University of Michigan 's department of medicine and surgery which gave him easy access to cadavers. Being an intelligent man with no eversion to the dead he noticed that the bodies had an insurance policy he could claim so he would steal the cadavers and disfigure the bodies in various ways to collect the money by claiming they were victims of accidental death. Herman would spend the next few years moving from scam to scam to make ends meat, and to avoid
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