Herman Webster Mudgett : Serial Killer

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Herman Webster Mudgett

Herman Webster Mudgett was a serial kill from 1886 to 1894. He is allegedly responsible for hundreds of murders. He is most know for the killings that he did in his Chicago hotel that he opened during the 1893 World’s Fair. Many say that he was the first extreme serial killer in the United States of America. He was born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. His mom’s name was Theodate Page Price and his dad’s name was Levi Horton Mudgett. His dad was strict on punishments, and he was bullied a lot as a kid. Herman said when interviewed that when he was younger other kids forced him to touch a human skeleton. When they heard that he was afraid of going to the doctor’s office. The other kids brought him there to scare him,
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This didn’t stop Herman though he just kill Ms.Holton and told everyone who asked about her that she moved to California with relatives. He then bought the lot across the street and build his three story block long hotel that people called “the castle”. The first floor of the castle contained his pharmacy, a jeweler, and various other shops. The other two floors contained his personal office and a maze of over one hundred windowless rooms with doorways that would lead nowhere, doors that could only be opened from the outside, and other labyrinth like structures. He would change builder frequently, so no one would fully understand what the building really was and report it to the police. He would kill a selected female employs for life insurance policy. He would also kill lovers and some of his hotel guests. He would lock some in soundproof bedrooms fitted with gas lines to asphyxiate them at any time. He would also lock some of his victims in huge bank vault near his office, so he could listen to them scream, panicked and eventually suffocate, because of the vault being soundproof. He would throw the bodies down a secret chute that led to the basement, so he could get rid of them.he would strip them of flesh, make skeleton models out of them, and sell them to schools for research. He would cremate his victim 's, place some in lime pits, a pit of acid, he also had to giant furnaces, a stretching rack, and various poisons. He would also perform hundreds
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