Hermann Rorschach Research Paper

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Hermann Rorschach was born on November 8, 1884 in Zurich, Switzerland. Rorschach’s Mother died in 1897, when he was only 12, and his father died 7 years later. His Father was a local art teacher and encouraged Rorschach to express himself creatively. During high school Rorschach was really interested in Klecksography.In 1904 Rorschach went to the Académie de Neuchâtel to study botany and geology. He went there for one term before taking a French class at the Université de Dijon. Next he enrolled in medical school at the University of Berne in the year 1904, he specialized in psychology. In 1910, he married a Russian woman named Olga Stempelin. In 1913, he quite his job at a mental institution in Switzerland and moved to Russia with his wife.
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