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Hermeneutics Interpreters of the Bible have to be born again, must have passion to know God, have to have deep reverence for God, and depend on the Holy Spirit. Just as Jesus stressed to Nicodemus that nobody is capable of seeing the Kingdom of God unless he is born again[a], interpreters of the word of God have to be born again. They have to be born of water and the Spirit[b]. The Spirit enables man to keep off earthly deeds. A man, subsequently, begins to know and love God. Men with earthly desires cannot entertain the thoughts of God (Ratuniata, 2012). They cannot therefore receive the things of the Spirit of God which are spiritually discerned. Interpreters have to believe that Jesus Christ, the son of God, was sent to save the world. This belief makes them live by the truth. It is incumbent that interpreters know the truth. Interpreters must desire and purpose to attain truth and cordially accept it. The evil abhor the light for fear that their deeds might be known. People without the love for the word of God cannot search the scripture. This is however, not true for the born again whom their souls crave for knowing the word of God better. God is love and he who shares in this love is in communion with God (Terry, 2008). Interpreters of the word of God must be enthusiastic about the word of God. Those who love the truth burn with enthusiasm for knowing the word of God better. It is not possible for one to be passionate about something that s/he does not believe
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