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The Blood of the People

Long ago Zeus was pleasantly strolling through the gardens of Olympus. He was excited because the earth had never been so peaceful. Then all of the sudden, Hermes walked tensely up with disturbing news. "Hello Hermes," Zeus greeted him. "Hello Zeus, you seem in a pleasant mood," Hermes replied. "Yes, I don't think the earth has ever been this peaceful." "Oh, well that is just what I was coming to talk to you about." Hermes tensed, but continued, "don't kill the messenger but Poseidon wants to move Olympus underwater to Atlantis and become the king of the gods." "What!?" Zeus roared he was bright red and electricity was trickling around him like drops of water. "He says that more people worship him and that is why earth is so peaceful." "Hermes?" "Yes."
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I am just saying it doesn't really solve your problem." "They are still worshipping him more? Agh!" Zeus took a dramatic exit stage left and went down to the earth to see if what Hera had said was true. When he got there it appeared as a ghost town in his shrine but in Poseidon's temples it looked like they were giving away free chocolate. So he took all the people on earth that were worshipping Poseidon more and carved out a mountain to put them all in. Zeus looked down to see people weeping and crying for their families, looking for a way out. Then he flew away yelling behind him, "Shouldn't have worshipped him so much." Down in Atlantis Poseidon felt sorry for the people, after hearing all their prayers of mercy and help, rushed up to help as soon as he saw Zeus leave. The people were so glad to see him, shouting out with joy. They rushed to him holding their young, screaming for him to pull them out and back home. "No worries peasants I will help, my brother Zeus knows no mercy," Poseidon's voice was rising during his speech to reach the people in the back. "and I intend to show that mercy that he failed
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