Hermes: The God of All Communication Essay

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Mythology was something that every Grecian incorporated into their everyday life. Myths were told to everyone it was said to be a type of social control. A myth could be described as a common day fable to inspire, teach lessons, and give faith to every Greek that needed something to believe in. Greek mythology became a type of religion to the polytheistic Greeks. They had a god for every aspect of life, love, weather, music, and communication. Greek mythology was “devoted to the deeds of divinities and heroes in the already constituted world” (Buxton 44). Divinities could be referred to as the Gods and heroes, who were often somewhat mortal. The gods were said to live on Mt. Olympus, which can be referred to as a type of heaven. Mortals…show more content…
In myth is was said that once Hermes learned the path to the underworld he was asked by Hades, lord of the underworld to be his Herald as well, he was to lead departed souls to the underworld and was then named herald of the dead it was said that “In this guise he was known as Hermes Psycopompos (soul leader), and he was the only god, besides Persephone and Hades, who could cross into the land of the dead and out again” (Cavendish 670). Hermes was very important in many Greek myths; he would often do the bidding of Zeus. One of his most famous appearances took place in the myth, the odyssey. He actually saved the Greek hero twice throughout the story. In one situation while Odysseus is captured by Cyclopes Hermes convinces him to let Odysseus go, it states “ Zeus made me come; and not my inclination; who cares to cross the tract of desolation; the bitter sea, all mortal towns behind where gods have beef and honors from mankind? But it is not to be thought of –and no use-for any god to elude the will of Zeus,” (Homer Book V, 104). Another time in the story Odysseus has a flashback of when Circe had turned half of his crew into pigs, using the packet of herbs Hermes had provided him he was able to resist being turned into a pig and convinces Circe to free his men. We find ourselves wondering how a Grecian mythical messenger with magical winged sandals could have possibly influenced
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