Hermia And Helena Character Analysis

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Hermia & Helena is an initially confusing, yet rather unassuming independent film that initially follows a translator, Camila, about to leave New York City to go back home. She prepares Carmen to take her place and after that, we view the world through Carmen’s perspective. We follow Carmen through present day and flashbacks in order to get a complete view of her life. It is through this that we watch Carmen struggle as she works on her project, her intricate love situation, and finding her biological father. The movie does include a seemingly insignificant scene when Camila’s former ‘postcard-pal’ drops by even though Carmen is now the new resident; this scene with this new character, Danièle who the movie seems to put an emphasis on…show more content…
However, when she gets to his house, it is a simple and somewhat boring house and he is not there. The narrative and mise-en-scéne sets the stage of a somewhat disappointing start. Once he then arrives, she embraces him and they decide to get to know each other better. The dialogue and acting in this scene is incredibly blasé. The cinematographic choice of just reversing shots of one another’s face makes the audience bored fairly quickly. One could argue that this is just because we are not investing in what is going on since we have no personal connection with Carmen nor her father. It is interesting to note, however, that when her father answers some questions, the actor playing Carmen emotes a sense of disappointment on her face. Even though her father brings her in with some enthusiasm (other than not being there when she arrived) I believe that Carmen is disappointed that her father is not who she expected him to be. It is later on that night that she makes a phone call to her sister but her sister does not pick up. Carmen starts crying and some may presume that this is because she cannot get a hold of her sister and emotions that come with meeting such a lost important figure in her life; I conclude through the dialogue and editing in those scenes that she expected her more out of the first meeting with her father than she had expected. After reflecting on Hermia & Helena, I realized that it is one of the most unique movies I have seen. This may be because
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