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Hermine Santrouschitz was born on February 15, 1909 in Vienna, Austria. She suffered from lack of nutrition at a young age during World War I and was sent away to Amsterdam, Holland. She was taken in by the Nieuwenhuises, and they nursed her back to health. By the time she was healthy again, she did not wish to return to Vienna to be reunited with her blood relatives, so she lived on with her adoptive family. However, she remained an Austrian citizen.
Later in life, she became independent and found work at Travies & Company, which specialized in products for the homemakers. There she learned that her boss, Mr. Otto Frank, had moved to Holland from Germany because he was a Jew and had to escape from the Nazis. Meip [Hermine] and Mr. Frank quickly became friends and Miep was excited to
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Gies was in constant fear every day about what would happen to him if he was caught by the Nazis.
Unfortunately, two years after the Franks had gone into hiding, they were discovered by the Nazis and were taken to a concentration camp. The people who hid the Frank family also went into the concentration camp. The Gies, however, were spared. The fact that she was born in Vienna was an advantage. Miep lived in fear that the others would die in the camps and never return. Miep gathered up Anne's diary, hid it in the bottom drawer of her desk at work.
One day, while Miep was cooking dinner, Henk came home and told her, "It's over!" Miep and Henk later found out that Mr. Otto Frank was the only person who survived the concentration camp. Miep returned Anne's diary to him, and The Diary of Anne Frank was published. It took Miep a long time to gather the courage to read the book and when she finally did, she was happy she had. Five years later, Miep had a baby boy named Paul. He is still alive today. Miep died on January 11, 2010, following Henk [Jan Gies] who died in January 26,

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