Hermit in Paris by Italo Calvino

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Italo Calvino (2004) describes his perspective from a distance in “Hermit in Paris”; from places he has lived all throughout his life, the places where he has been a tourist, and a visitor. Calvino has personal relationships with places and has a personal opinion where he believes Europe is emerging into one single city (Calvino, 2004, p. 2). He is tolerant of other people’s opinions and continues to portray his own feelings rather than following others discretions. Most cities are known through media and books and that’s how people who have not experienced these cities see the town. You need to escape spaces mentally and physically by connecting or disconnecting yourself from a place that does not create happiness.

The first visit that I can recall such an impression was in my heritage landmark (Rawhiti) I got to know what it is like was during my early teens when I attended an unveiling with my close relations. I had imagined the place to be dirty and filthy, but it wasn’t, it was just basic. I had imagined Rawhiti through early distant memories as well as what I thought I knew from media and movies of what remote coastal towns with a Maori population are like, I immediately pictured the movie Boy (2010) as a similar setting to Rawhiti. I had a preconceived idea of what the community is like, part of that community through family, but not personally as I had been away from there all my life. To me, I had a false interpretation of this place; I used other people’s
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