Hernando And The Lightning Bolt

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Hernando and The Lightning Bolt

In 300 B.C., there lived a man named Hernando in the village of Oakwood. As the general of hundreds and thousands of soldiers, he was a mighty warrior who conquered many adversaries. Together Hernando and his army have reclaimed their village of Oakwood, from the French, earning the honor of their people. One day, Hernando was looking for something to eat and his 15 year old daughter, Sophia, looked out of the window and said, “mommy looks irritated about something.”
Suddenly his wife barged In. “I am sick and tired of you consuming numerous things at once, so it’s your job now to purchase your household some food!” Hernando then sprinted towards the marketplace that was in the middle of town.
When Hernando arrived at market he started to wander around, while he wandered around Henando pondered what it is that he needs to buy. Then it suddenly hit him, he needed bread, large turkey, fish, honey, grapes, and cantaloupe all to feed his family of three. While he was looking for what he needed an old wise man came up to him said hysterically,
”With the power of Zeus ' bolt you can conquer anything." “What power does this lightning bolt of Zeus’ contain?” Hernando questioned.
“Haven’t you heard, there once was a mortal who stole Zeus’ bolt and cast it as at his foes killing every last one of them in sight.”
“ Zeus had to send down his mighty son Ares, the god of war, to kill all of those who stole the bolt from him.”
This story gave Hernando

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