Essay on Hero-Anti Hero

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Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman—what do all these characters have in common? They are all products of the human aspiration to be saved. The word hero is passed around too much these days. A hero is not a football player that scores the game-winning touchdown or the goaltender who saves his team from a loss. A hero is usually an ordinary person that did extraordinary things. A true hero is really never a hero at all; at least not in their own mind. However, there are various cases today in which we see the exact opposites of these characters, the anti-heroes. The anti-hero is one who cannot be classified as a hero, for that said character lacks natural heroic qualities. However, the anti-hero cannot be described as a villain either.…show more content…
On his 40th Labor Day telethon in 2005, Jerry Lewis added Salvation Army fundraising for Hurricane Katrina to his usual Muscular Dystrophy Assosiation fundraising, though he also encouraged viewers to give to the American Red Cross. Not all of what Jerry Lewis has done has been good, but no hero is perfect. Aside from controversy from the community of disabled people with comments he has made, Jerry Lewis can still be considered a hero for the great charitable work he has done for the benefit of others.
A reasonable example for an anti-hero could be Al Capone. Despite the common image that is portrayed in society of Al Capone, there was some that Capone did as good for others during the Depression. Part of the reason Capone was taken to task in this way was his status as a celebrity. Capone often tried to suppress his image and be seen as a community leader. For instance, he started a program to fight rickets by providing a daily milk ration to Chicago school children. Also during the Great Depression, he attempted to open up many soup kitchens for the poor and homeless. Although most of the money he used to do this may have been related to his selling or gang violence, or even his bootlegging of liqour, he still attempted using some of it for a good cause. He acquired a great deal of appreciation from abounding poor persons in Chicago for his blatant disregard of the Prohibition law that they loathed. He was percepted
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