Hero Essay : A Hero As A Hero

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According to a hero is “a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character”. When I hear the word “hero” every time my mind automatically thinks about God. God has showed my many ways already throughout my life of how he has proven himself as a hero not only to me but to everyone. Although yes he has amazing stories throughout the bible that show his hero like characteristics I want to focus on one important personal story that stands out to me It was one boring Sunday afternoon in July of 2008, we had went to church this Sunday and we had came home just relaxing when my dad said
“Hey Ben, Jake, and Grace, who wants to pick some blackberries this afternoon?”
One thing about my dad is every summer when the blackberries are ready to be picked he will bribe my siblings and I to pick blackberries. This is no easy job because blackberries grow all up and down our mile long wooded driveway. However Ben and I were up for the job. We got our milk jugs that had the top cut off so we could put the blackberries that we picked in them. Once we got the milk jugs we headed out the door and got on our bikes to start the amazing hot adventure. We had been picking blackberries for what felt like hours, which turned out being maybe ten minutes. We thought we were doing really good and we thought we had picked so many berries until we looked down in our jug to only see that the bottom was barely covered. At this point in time we were pouring sweat and we were hot
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