Hero by F. Sionil Jose

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Making Sacrifices:
A Structuralist Reading of F. Sionil Jose’s “Hero”

March 2011 Let me ask you one question, who here doesn’t know Batman, Superman, Spiderman or even Kick Ass? Most of us know them, right? They have fought with the Joker, Green Goblin, Lex
Luther and Red Mist. Don’t you ever notice that mostly all the time the villains are the proud ones that spreads to the world that they have saved someone? While the real heroes wear masks, capes and jumpsuits to prevent the public from knowing who they really are and they keep their mouth shuts about something extraordinary they did.

Francisco Sionil Jose was born on Rosales, Pangasinan during December 3, 1924. (http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~art/afsj.html) His
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There is no specific sickness that has been stated because the doctors could not go on further tests due to insufficient funds.

In the end, the neuro-surgeon said to him blandly, professionally, that there would have to be more intensive and expensive investigations – perhaps a computerized axia! Tomoraphy, cerebral angiography, and studies in the cerebral blood flow. All this was patiently explained and with it, the conclusion that there was not much that could be done, not in his old age and without adequate funds..
(Waya-Waya and Other Short Stories From the Philippines, 1980, p.175)

The two settings reveal Cornelio De Dios’ social status and physical state and this is where the binary oppositions of rich vs. poor and health vs. sickness is explored.

The first binary opposition that will be further discussed in this paragraph is rich vs. poor.
Cornelio De Dios’ house is very evident on how he lives his typical life and it shows that he does not live a luxurious life. On the other hand, Lieutenant Andres Bravo is an industrialist, nationalist leader, winner of the medal of Valor, defender of Bataan and Corregidor, trading partner of the
Japanese, president of the Japanese – Philippine “Tayo – Tayo” association and hotel owner. By this characterization, it proves that Andres Bravo is rich and belongs to the upper class unlike

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