Hero 's Journey And Characteristics

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Throughout this semester, we mainly discussed the hero’s journey and characteristics as an ancient tale, such as in Beowulf and Grendel. But as we also saw, the hero’s potential is present in everyone with no regard of times. As such, when studying modern stories, we can see that aspects of hero’s journey are still a major theme. In The Matrix, Neo, an average hacker, who might not be seen as a hero in the first place will soon show all characteristics to become one. As a result we would study in this paper how The Matrix as a modern tale with aspects of the hero’s journey, heroes’ archetypes as well as mythical themes, can be considered as a modern example of a hero’s tale. Part I: The Matrix, Plot Summary The Matrix is a movie based on the life of a computer programmer named Mr. Anderson during the day and hacker called Neo at night, who will soon be embarked in a journey to save mankind. The story begins when we see Neo asleep in front of his computer in which a program runs automatic researches on another hacker called Morpheus. As the program searches for information, the screen goes black and messages can be seen on the screen telling Neo to wake up and “to follow the white rabbit.” As he fully wakes up, someone knocks on the door and a girl with a white rabbit tattoo shows up. Neo decides then to follow the girl to a nightclub where he met Trinity. After his encounter, Neo wakes up in his bed as all of this was a dream. Later on, when at work, Mr. Anderson receives a

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