Hero’S Journey. Poverty, Disease, Global Warming, This

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Hero’s Journey Poverty, disease, global warming, this is the year 2017, and the world we currently suffer in. Since the beginning of mankind, we have lived in a world of war and hate. Why have we never done anything to change the way we live? No matter where you go on this earth, there is disease and famine. We see it everywhere we go, even in my small hometown of Laurel Montana. As I have lived her for my whole life of 20 years, I have seen the town thrive and fall. People standing on the street corner begging for spare change, business’ closing their doors because they can no longer afford to be open. What difference can I make? A kid from a small town, in a state that has a small population, who will make the biggest difference this…show more content…
I am still not sure if it’s because the idea is so outlandish, or the manner in which I answered her question. I am a republican, and my journey to the presidency of the United States of America began that fateful day in class. Fast forward 15 years to the year 2032, I have overcome school, poverty, and a lack of skills. I graduated with a degree in law and politics from Princeton. I vowed to be president in 15 years, and I entered the race for the presidency as soon as I was of age. I was able to get campaign funding, and advice from former president Donald Trump. This man was president back in 2017 when I had my idea to become president, he served two terms and made America great again. Despite much disapproval from the nation when he first entered office, when he left, it was practically unanimous that everyone loved president Trump. With Trump on my side, my name was the lead candidate for the republican party. The campaign rolled on, and eventually it was time to vote. The votes came in, and the democrats had barely won.I was not the President. I called for a recount, and to my astonishment, they had found a flaw in the digital voting, and found several states had not counted all their votes. Suddenly, the vote count was ran again, and I came out on top. I am the president of the United States of America. The United States in 2032 is

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