Heroes And Villains Similarities

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Comparing Heroes and Villains Heroes and villains will always be related and compared to each other. Heroes are associated with good, villains with bad. Obviously they have many differences. When you think of heroes and villains, the first word that might pop in your head is opposites. They can also share similarities in their characteristics and actions, but what if I told you they also can be the same person? For every quality the hero possesses, the villain embodies a counterpart. Heroes are thought of as the good guys and villains are thought of as the bad guys. Heroes are selfless and brave. Villains are egotistical and violent. Heroes are always the main character in, for example, a film. The villain is usually the second most central…show more content…
They are both leaders for their respective forces. They are also both usually very intelligent. They are always very determined. For instance, the bad guy is determined to take over the world no matter what. The good guy, at the same time, is extremely determined to stop him from doing so. Maybe the most important trait they usually share is they both are very goal oriented. They both have a goal and will put their life on the line to see that it succeeds. For example, Batman and Ducard both had goals in Batman Begins. They were also fairly similar goals: wipe out the evil in Gotham City. Ducard’s goal included the hurting of innocent people and Batman’s did not. They fought to achieve those goals until one of them…show more content…
This is where perspective really comes in. For example, Dr. House is a doctor who saves lives for a living. He also is a drug addict. He has many major flaws, but at the end of the day he saves lives. Another example from Batman is that the people of Gotham view him as a hero. At the same time though, the people associated with the Joker or Bane view Batman as the villain. If you agree with someone’s opinion, they are a hero to you. On the flip side, if you disagree with someone’s opinion then they are a villain in your eyes. This is why perspective is so important. It all depends on which side of the fence your viewpoint
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