Heroes As A Hero, And The Tragic Hero In Literature

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Heroes still exist
Throughout history, stories have been passed down from generation to generation of heroes that display incredible inspiring characteristics. From Greek mythology of Hercules, to bedtime stories of princes slaying dragons, the concept of heroes has captivated society. Heroes are shown to go on a journey and to be altruistic, courageous, tenacious and have integrity. Although the category of heroes is wide, three main ones exist that are portrayed in literature; archetypal heroes, anti-heroes and tragic heroes. Archetypal heroes are the typical heroes represented in texts; they go through a typical hero journey and are able to show bravery in the face of hardship. An anti-hero is a main character in a text that has noticeable flaws yet possesses heroic qualities. Lastly, a tragic hero typically starts off as an archetypal hero yet has one major flaw that leads to the demise. Heroes within literature still exist and have laid the bench mark for humanity. Humanity is positioned to be inspired by heroes as we are always striving to achieve better and by having archetypal heroes, human have something to aim for.
Archetypal heroes are the ‘stock standard’ hero that face adversity with daring and courageous heroism. They stand up for what it right by protecting and defending innocents from the injustice and corruption in the world. Archetypal heroes are portrayed as honourable people who are the best person for the job and triumph by possessing both mental and
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