Heroes Found in the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer

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In Greek culture it is customary to find a very strong social prototype in society , especially in men, heroes are usually found in every story, such is the case of the literary works of the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer. Homer’s poems reflect the qualities that should be found on men of this stage, these were predominantly heroic values. Is Homer building an ideal world through his poems? Is he writing about the quiet desires of every man and woman of Greece from these times? The ideal hero has its characteristics embodied into his work, the sense of duty, pride of race, love of glory, the desire of be the best, and the competitive spirit are the fundamental elements in this heroic tale, we can find many aspects of Greek tradition. We can capture the spirit of the time with their values, beliefs, customs and culture among others. Because of its cultural, historical and social system, the Iliad poem can be situated in the ninth century of the Greek history, this work tells the story of the Trojans and describes the town of Sparta, also the relationship of heroes and kings with gods or prophets; this work goes deep on the high side of society, the nobles, the lives of the kings, and also on the other hand, we have the soldiers both Greeks and Trojans, as they defend their countries from the conflict of the Gods. The Trojan War is the most important episode that has survived in Greek mythology and legends. It is a romantic and a great human story; we face the

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