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Stage in the Hero's Journey Film Component Ordinary World The hero's normal world before the story begins The woods,The country. He's an ogre and everyone hates him. He wants to be alone. Call to Adventure The hero is presented with a problem, challenge or adventure to undertake Lord Farquaad sends fairy tale creatures to Shrek's swamp, so he leaves the swamp to go to Lord Farquaad. To get his swamp back, he has to rescue the princess Fiona Refusal of the Call The hero refuses the challenge or journey, usually out of fear He doesn't refuse. Meeting with the Mentor The hero meets a mentor to gain confidence, advice or training to face the adventure Shrek…show more content…
Farquaad comes up on the horse. Ordeal The biggest life or death crisis – the hero faces his greatest fear & only through “death” can the hero be “reborn” experiencing even greater powers to see the journey to the end. The biggest ordeal Shrek faces is hears Fiona talking about herself being ugly. He's gotten ready to tell her her love her, then he thinks she's saying he's ugly. He leaves her. When he finds out from Donkey, she wasn't talking about him, he goes to stop the wedding and tell her he loves her. Farquaad is about to marry Fiona and Shrek wants to apologize to her. By spending time with Fiona, Shrek has become a better person, with a heart and is able to apologize. Farquaad's men attack Shrek. All the people laugh at Shrek being ugly. Shrek doesn't care and still tells Fiona he loves her. Reward The hero has survived death, overcome his greatest fear and now earns the reward he sought. When he says he loves her and kisses her, she transforms into an ogre. The Road Back The hero must recommit to completing the journey & travel the road back to the Ordinary World. The dramatic question is asked again. Farquaad says, "Arrest them both and now, that makes me king!" The dragon, sent by Donkey, swallows Farquaad coming in through the window. Resurrection Hero faces most dangerous meeting with death – this shows the hero can apply all the wisdom

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