Heroes: The Definition Of A Hero

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Are famous people heroes? What about fictional heroes such as Batman and Superman? What qualities do they have that villains do not? Heroes are all around the world and their function is to help a community in any way it needs. A hero is one who represents noble character by being charitable. Whereas villains are, people who are selfish and do not think about the community when they carry out their ideas. Thus, a hero is not one who is physically strong, evil, or selfish, but rather one who is selfless, and inspires others to assist members of the community, even during times of hardship.

A hero is not one who is physically strong or one who is evil-hearted. There are many famous people in the world who are not heroes, but some believe they
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Many say that famous people cannot be heroes, but there are many examples of famous heroes that are both selfless and inspiring such as Dr. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. They are famous for their actions; they used their voice and popularity to inspire around the world instead of a small community. A hero is one who can inspire not influence people to be selfless. Whereas villains use their influence to regulate conduct, and use people to their advantage. Everyone has their own definition of a hero, and every single definition will have something along the lines of a true hero being selfless and inspiring to help the community. Despite time, and space a hero is an emblem who is an advocate for the rights of the community, is a true humanitarian, and inspires people to become heroes.

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