Heroes in Today’s Media, Have They Changed?

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Heroes in Today’s Media, Have They Changed?
Latonne Williamson
English 122: English Composition II
Instructor Terrence Westhoff
April 1, 2013

Heroes in Today’s Media, Have They Changed?
There are many heroes, but there are those who sit back and question what or who makes a hero in today’s society. It has never been a set standard for heroes. In this modern world, there are many types of heroes. In today’s media, there is a contrast between million dollar sports figures, glorified celebrities, and the normal people we call heroes. Some heroes receive no recognition and others receive hero status with ease. However, it has yet to be determined whether our meaning of heroes has changed due to this influence. We have known about the
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The earliest recollection would be Babe Ruth. He set the slugging percentage and smacked 29 balls out of the park. The focus of these heroes last longer than the focus of what was the American hero. Some even think that modern American heroes have been displaced by celebrity superstars because of their media presence (Skola, 2005).
Not only has the media created celebrity heroes they have made then seem untouchable. For example, Ray Lewis superstar linebacker of the champion ship team Baltimore Ravens. Lewis portrayed as a staunch, Christian, and an example for other to follow. This stands in contrast to the same person who was charged with homicide in 2000 after a club brawl in Atlanta left two men dead (Bisciotti,S 2013). The charges against Lewis were ultimately reduces as part of a plea deal. Families of the victims received over one million dollars in compensation from Lewis. Lewis has been a role model since this incident. It goes to prove that although everyone can change their lives, the label of hero, is too readily dished out to athletes and sports figures.
The media influence has glorified and immortalized these heroes. We have relied on the media to portray as such. Do not get me wrong, their good deeds do not go unnoticed but because of the media’s stance on our heroes, these have become more important. The patterns of these heroes are media made and not a result of true heroic

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