Heroes in the Bible

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Thinking about the idea of "heroes" today tends to conjure images created by films such as "The Avengers," "The Fantastic 4," or "Spider-Man." Indeed, since childhood we learn that these are heroes. They are the ones who are not only better than the rest of humanity in some way (usually physical), but who also use these strengths to help those around them. Although few people today think of the Bible in terms of the heroism concept we grew up with, the Old Testament contains some tales of heroes that can still teach people much today. Although they are long gone from this earth, these heroes still help those who read and learn about them in ways such as obtaining solutions to problems, working on their relationships with others, and in their relationship with God. This is also true of Samson, the Old Testament hero whose love for a woman meant his death, but whose love for God enabled him to perform his final heroic act. Driscoll (2012) describes Samson as the last and most famous of the Judges who presided over Israel. He was born during the forty years of Israel's delivery to the Philistines as a result of abandoning God. His first special trait was that he was somewhat of a miracle, being born to a barren woman in the tribe of Dan. An angel appeared to let her know that he would deliver Israel from the Philistines. So Samson's fate as hero to his people was decided already before he was even conceived. Like many superheroes today, however, it is not the gifts that
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