Heroic Heros

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Most of the heroes in the superhero universe can be broken down into three groups. Marvel and DC Comics are the main contributors to this superhero fandom. These two companies even contributed the term superhero. Neither company owns it, they just share it. Many of the interesting heroes/ heroines have brain powers, body powers, and some are even powerless. This class is the mind boggling brainiac’s. Not because they are smart, but because they have brain powers. Brain powers include telekinesis, aqua kinesis, telepathy, and many more. The most classic and recognizable candidate for Brainiac’s would-be Jean Grey. “Jean Grey was 10 years old when her mutant telepathic powers first manifested after experiencing the emotions of a dying friend.” (“Jean Grey”, 2006, para.1). Her telekinetic abilities allow her to levitate or pick up cars with her mind. She also has telepathic abilities, this allows her to read minds and put thoughts in people’s brains. Jean and her amazing powers landed her a spot as one of the founding X-Men. Aquaman is another suitable hero for this class. Aquaman, like his name suggests, has the power to control the water. This is called aqua kinesis. Another cool power of his is telepathy, like Jean, but with a twist. He uses his telepathy to communicate with the sea creatures, like the dolphins and the menacing sharks. There are moments where I’m in the shower, or even just playing in water that I feel like aqua man. I feel as if I have his aqua kinetic
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