Heroic Traits Of Jacqueline Cochran

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In ancient Greek mythology there were gods and goddesses, heroes to their people. Today there are just hero’s, that people of the modern world thank and look up to for their inspirational acts. Just like the Gods and Goddesses, hero’s today are known to show strength, wisdom, bravery, and many other heroic characters. Jacqueline Cochran showed her heroic attributes when she came into WWII looking for a way for women to make a difference and fight in the war. Jaqueline founded WASP, Women Airforce Service Pilots, she made an impact in so many women’s lives by making them more included in the war instead of staying at home waiting for updates. Jacqueline shows the heroic traits that goddesses such as Athena showed in ancient Greece.…show more content…
Both heroes created environments where women could feel superior to men. The second trait that both heroes possess is inspiration to the public. People look up to both Athena and Jacqueline for their many accomplishments. Athena spent a lot of her time inventing things, during her time she invented the flute, the plow, the ship, the chariot, and the bridal; which allowed a man to tame horses. “She also was Zeus’s favorite child and was the only other god permitted to use his thunder bolts” (“Athena”). Jacqueline also made many different accomplishments in her life time. After she got her piolets license she began to do air races. “she broke two national speed records in one year, and broke the international open class speed record” (“Jacqueline”). Both people inspired many to achieve and peruse things they could never dream of. The final trait that both Athena and Jacqueline acquire is courage. Throughout Athena’s time she had to show that she was strong enough, brave enough, and smart enough to hold up to the reputation of a goddess. She surpassed these characteristic by a mile, becoming Zeus’s favorite and completely earning his trust. She also defeated and helped finish off the Giants who violated many goddesses and civilians. Also siding with the Greeks during the Trojan war, but “turned against the Greeks on few occasions” (“Athena”). Jacqueline also showed so much courage during her time. Standing up to the patronizing men of America,

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