Heroin Addiction Essay

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Intro (Taylor)
It has been a debate on whether Heroin Addiction is a disease. There are many reasons that support why this addiction is a disease. Just like a disease, heroin addiction is very hard and what seems to be impossible to cope with. Without the help and some sort of treatment plan many fail to come back to reality and health. As a society, we need to take notice that heroin is incredibly overpowering and help to get treatment to those in need. We need to understand the definition of a disease and how it takes over a person’s body and mind. We need to consider heroin addiction a disease and we need to stop allowing those who commit crimes under the influence to get sent to prison. Prison treatments are not fit and organized for
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Heroin addicts get what is called “clouded mental functioning,” says National Institute on Drug Abuse(NP). More so on the long term side would be “insomnia, liver and kidney disease, lung complications, including pneumonia, mental disorders such as depression and antisocial personality disorder,” claims the National Institute on Drug Abuse(NP).
Depression plays a huge role on why so many addicts tend to commit suicide. Like mentioned earlier, heroin ties you in with first use, after that, it is downhill from there. It locks you in with what seems to be no way out. Their minds are set that the only way to relieve the pain is to commit suicide. Addicts to this drug will show signs of wanting to escape and will show risky behavior. Users will become careless to death, he or she will have attempts to suicide before the act is completed. Heroin is a road to death, and according to Peter G. Miller, PH.D., Suicide is consistently reported to be one of the four major related causes of death among heroin users, with heroin-related overdose being the most common (Davoli et al., 1993). Death due to suicide among heroin users occurs at 14 times the rate of matched peers”. It is tough to get an addict the proper help they need. For recovery, they will need to want to make a change themselves. If a user does not want the help, they will not get the full rehabilitation and wing right back onto the drug without hesitation.
Heroin addiction takes over a person entirely.
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