Heroin And Its Effects On Heroin

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This paper is intended to educate those who almost nothing about heroin and those who use it. Many people have been associated with friends or families who have used some kind of drug. There are many people who have not had any contact with heroin users or if they have, don’t understand much about it. Using various sources about heroin to explain where it came from, how it is used, who uses it and how a person starts on the path towards heroin, preventing addiction, and global issues surrounding this drug. Although the topic of heroin is inexhaustible, it is my hope to spark reader’s curiosity. Knowledge of this drug might just help the reader join in on discussions about heroin. INTRODUCTION…show more content…
A few street names for heroin are smack, dope, brown sugar, black tar and dragon. INTRODUCTION 4 It is never asked for on the streets by its clinical name, diamorphine. There is a common street phrase used about and by those whose lives are wrapped up in heroin addiction which is: “chasing the dragon”. Seems like such a curious phrase but once translated with knowledge, it makes sense. Heroin gives the user an incredible rush of happiness and well being that cannot be experienced in normal life. But, usually after two hours the high is over. Sometimes, one time using heroin is all it takes to create an addict who cannot bear to live without ever feeling the rush again. With other people, it may take 3 or 4 times using to become an addict depending on the amount taken. Chasing the dragon is looking for that high. And, when not high, the user feels physically and psychologically so horrible that he must have it whether by injecting, inhaled or smoked to alleviate his discomfort. A logical question is “Why would one even begin to take heroin? They have to be crazy!”
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