Heroin And Its Effects On Society

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Since the 1900’s we have seen the effects of heroin in our society. Heroin comes from the opium poppy flower, also used to make morphine. The poppy seeds go through a chemical process to become what we know as heroin. During the 1900’s times were full of uncertainties due to the mass amount of people that had become addicted to the evil drug. Doctors did not foresee the problem that will soon unfold. Civil war veterans became addicted due to the treatment received during the war. Researchers tried to gather data on the number of people who developed an addiction, but the numbers ranged abundantly making it hard to have reliable information. Heroin was sold over the counter as a cough suppressant and pain killer, making it available to …show more content…

One, known and mostly produced by the Mexican cartel is black tar. This form of heroin can vary in color between black and brown also in purity. It is also known to have a different consistency; it can be solid, gooey or gummy-like. Black tar heroin can be added to other drugs to intensify the effects, which poses a high risk for heroin-related overdose. It has been noted that black tar can be found in the suburbs and its sold in larger quantities; but not as frequent as the powder heroin that can found in a downtown, low-income city. The other form is powdered heroin, generally supplied by the Colombian cartel. This kind of heroin varies in texture, color, and purity, depending on the supplier. Brown powder heroin is easier to make, burn and smoke, due to being less refined than white powder heroin. This type heroin requires a strong base liquid to facilitate the dissolving process when the water is added. The white powder heroin goes through a more extensive chemical process, making easier to mix with just water. The color varies from beige, off-white, and sometimes pink, susceptible to the chemicals used in the refinement process.

In a recent report conducted by the DEA, it was recorded that most of the heroin movement can be spotted in the Northeast and Midwest area of the US. Over time, larger and larger amounts of heroin have been collected during operations. The DEA reports an eighty percent increase in

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