Heroin And Other Opiate Abuse

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The purpose of this paper is to assess the issues that arise from heroin and other opiate abuse, how the US government is combating it, and what effects these policies have in Afghanistan, the world’s supplier of opium. Heroin was invented in the 1895. (“Opium Throughout History”) It was a new concoction based on morphine, similar to the then popular laudanum, and was initially meant to be used as a cheaper medical substitute at the time. Heroin was never successfully brought into the medical fold, but was popular as a recreational drug almost immediately. Opiates, in one form or another, have been used for medical pain relief and recreationally since as early as 3400 BC. (“Opium throughout History”) Throughout the history of opium, control, regulation, trade, and addiction have been struggles for every society and civilization, starting with the Egyptians, hitting the Romans, the Chinese, and the Portuguese on the way, and continues to be a struggle in every modern society in the world. (“World Drug Report 2010”) Throughout history the popularity of heroin has waxed and waned. Sometimes heroin was practically a non-issue, other times, heroin has been one of the biggest struggles a society has faced. America today struggles with heroin like no other time in its history, in part because of the effects of addiction at home, and in part because of the significant profits it allows its handlers both at home and overseas. Heroin was invented in 1895 by a

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