Heroin : Drugs And Drugs

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{Attention} Heroin’s first appearance to the world occurred in 1874 around Germany. Also known as Diamorphine, heroin was first successfully synthesized by Charles Romley Alder Wright, a researcher at St. Mary’s Medical Hospital in London. American doctors jumped on the release of heroin as soon as it hit the markets. Heroin was used to treat many things including headaches, colds and even female hysteria. Around the time of its invention, a major morphine epidemic was sweeping across the nation. It was believed by the majority of American doctors that heroin had a solution to the long asked question of how to help the morphine problem. Heroin was supposed to be a safe and non-addictive substitute for morphine and opium. This was supposed…show more content…
As if heroin wasn’t already a hell of a deadly drug, someone decided to add fentanyl and unfortunately the trend caught on. Heroin is an extremely dangerous drug, not many will dispute this. But did you know Fentanyl makes Heroin look like child 's play? A lethal dose of heroin is roughly 30 milligrams, a lethal dose of fentanyl is 3 milligrams. Needless to say it has done nothing but take the lives of even more people addicted to heroin. Toledo is getting hit hard and there’s no signs of it letting up. How much longer and how many more people need to die for us to realize what we are doing is not working? Today I have a solution that has been proven effective in Switzerland. {Thesis}The system Switzerland has put into place to tackle their heroin struggles has crippled the selling and usage of heroin on their streets. {Review of Main Points}They have managed to cut the numbers of overdoses and deaths associated with heroin dramatically just by creating a clinic and offering services similar to ones that are found in Toledo now. If we initiate and put into place a similar solution we can see the same results as Switzerland.
Over a decade ago, Switzerland established its first legal Heroin injection site. This may seem utterly crazy and I can image the questions going through your head. Isn’t that the exact opposite of what anyone would want? Isn’t the goal to get addicts to stop injecting heroin? Surprisingly, it 's a lot better than one would
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