Heroin Epidemic Essay

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The state of Ohio has more deaths than larger states and 1 in 9 heroin overdoses happen in Ohio (Johnson). This is surprising because there's fifty states and 1 in 9 overdoses happen in a small state. There are so many people in the U.S. and these numbers show the epidemic is changing for the worse. The heroin epidemic is increasing everywhere but one place that is really bad is in Northwest Ohio. One county in Ohio affected by the heroin epidemic would be Lucas County, which is in the northwestern corner. Research shows, there were about 3,000 calls in Lucas county for overdoses in a two year time period and these numbers grow even higher when the unreported overdoses are added (Lindstrom “Addicts”). That's seven hundred and thirty days…show more content…
Police are trying to remove heroin from the streets, in 2011 there was $400,000 worth of heroin seized and by August of the next year there was $1.36 million worth of heroin seized (Thomas). These numbers show that police are finding the heroin and trying to put a stop to it, they want to slow down and stop this problem. A government study shows that the heroin use rate in teenagers has gone up 80% in the last 10 years (Thomas). That’s years of new kids testing their luck and attempting to search for a high. More and more kids are being introduced to the drugs and the overdose rate numbers are increasing each year. Another northwestern county in Ohio with a growing problem is Fulton which is located west of Lucas. In addition to the heroin problem, 8% of the county’s 6-12 graders have admitted to taking prescription medication in order to receive a high (Coehrs). That’s just one county that has children under 18 taking medication to find a high. This high can lead to trying to locate a more powerful drug when the effects are not the same. People switch to heroin because it’s cheaper than prescription medication (Coehrs). Once people are addicted to their prescribed medication and can’t afford to keep supplying it for the addiction, they try and see a cheap alternative which happens to be heroin but heroin brings more of a risk. There are some addicts that want help but, many addicts can’t locate a place for help when
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