Heroin Is A Dangerous Drug

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Heroin is known as an opium drug and is injected directly into a person’s view. It is common knowledge that heroin is a dangerous drug. Philip Seymour Hoffman is just one of countless people who have died from using heroin. The articles that came out after Hoffman died of an overdose suggest a rising heroin epidemic. USA Today and Washington Times were just two of several newspapers and other media outlets to report on this epidemic. USA Today reasons that says since there is a tougher crackdown on prescription pills, people are turning to heroin and cheaper, easier-to-come-by drugs. The article even says that as prescription drug abuse declines, heroin use increases. It seems as if making it harder to get one drug forces drug addicts to get their fix elsewhere or else they’d have to quit, which is not an answer to them. When this happens, there may seemingly be an epidemic, but in reality it is just addicts of one drug being redirected elsewhere. The Drug Enforcement Administration found and stopped a big “heroin mill” that had eight million dollars’ worth of heroin. Adding this detail in help fuel the epidemic fire, but there are always drug busts, from meth to heroin to crack cocaine. Washington Times says the same thing in different words. It says that Hoffman’s death was just one example of an “alarming trend.” They quoted Steve Pasierb, saying that this death should be a wakeup call to people. People die plenty from heroin overdoses, so this one death shouldn’t be
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