Heroism Definition Essay

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What is Heroism?
When someone says “hero” you automatically think of superman or batman, but you don't need superpowers to be a hero. You can be a hero by opening the door for an old lady, picking up trash on the sidewalk, or giving food and water to the homeless man you passed on the street. You don’t need to jump in a burning building and save a baby, just giving up your time for other people is enough. Heroism is being caring, hard working, and putting others before yourself, even if you aren't being treated the same way.
Firstly, a real hero is always caring toward other people. For example, Walt DIsney was an extremely caring person, and that trait was passed onto the children that he inspired. He was described as “A man whose modest mission was simply ‘to bring happiness to the
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One example of a hardworking hero is a 15 year old girl named Natalia who lives in Mozambique. She was named President of the water committee for her hardwork and determination.In the article, “The 15 year old President,” it states, “She exercises responsibility and knows how to deal with people. She can tackle issues in the community. It makes us very happy.” It also says, “ She’s been hard at work since 4:30 am. But there’s a willing smile on her face.”This clearly demonstrates that Natalia is a hero, but she is not the only hero recognized for their hard work.Diana Nyad is someone who has swam her entire life and is so determined, and laborious that she can’t go unrecognized. “Even some of her closest friends wished she would just quit, stop risking her life and apply her considerable energy to other pursuits,” says Elizabeth Well in, “Marathon Swimmer Diana Nyad Takes On the Demons of the Sea.” This supports how determined and hardworking she is and how when everyone else doubted her she didn’t give up. In summary, a true hero works to their full potential and never puts things off to the last
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