Heroism Essay : Definition Of A Hero

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Definition of a Hero
“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people” (Maya Angelou). Growing up, everyone was once taught that the ‘heroes’ were the ones who brandished a cape. But that as it may, true heroes are also everyday people. These heroes take on a different role, as instead of flying, and battling the evil, they endure hardships, and face struggles. However, like the heroes we’ve originally learned, these people are those who are selfless, and refuse to back down. Our heroes strive for the best in everyone, and everything, without thinking of the reward and outcomes. With strong determination and perseverance, true heroes have the will to help others despite the risks, and work toward the greater good without the crave of becoming rewarded.
Accompanied by strong determination and perseverance, heroes are able to achieve success in their doings. Heroism is finding a resolution to a situation, without the hesitation of giving up. A hero perseveres instead of accepting failure, and learns from the challenges that they endure in order to become a stronger individual. However, to be determined, a hero must come into terms with the difficulties and challenges blocking them from their goal. A hero accepts obstacles, and will still be able to persevere through them due to the commitment of determination. For example, Martin Luther King showed determination. Even though others didn’t share the same views as he, Martin refused to
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